Most of our products are finished with a coating to protect them from external influences such as corrosion or wear.
For this we use only environmentally-friendly and sustainable techniques and materials. In this way we save on available resources and expensive energy



The DPlex® coating is our specialty. It is a duplex coating that combines hot-dip galvanising and plastic coating (DPlast).
Of all our coatings, this offers the best protection from corrosion and is suitable for the most demanding applications: sea climate, industrial areas, coastal regions, etc.



Our DPlast coating gives a thick, pore-free synthetic layer of at least 300 µm to the metal surface. This coating is available in various colours and provides long-term protection against corrosion and/or wear.
We have been doing this for more than 30 years!

Hot-dip galvanising

Hot-dip galvanising

With hot-dip galvanising, a thin zinc layer is applied by immersion in molten zinc to protect the product against corrosion.
We use a new, modern centrifuge unit for hot-dip galvanising small pieces.

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